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Moonbridge Productions is (a 501c3 nonprofit organization) with the purpose of generating funds "mooney" to benefit space travel research and development. Every event or project we work on is with the intent of building a network and metaphorical bridge to the Moon!

We have expertise and industry contacts in show business. Our clients range from entrepreneurs and concert promoters to corporate event planners and individuals seeking representation for securing high level industry professionals. We connect our clients to the Glitz and Glamour of Hollywood. Moonbridge divisions include:  

Programming, Television Production, Films, Celebrity bookings, Sponsorships, Branding


Moonbridge produces and distributes original content to cables stations. Our service provides exciting entertainment programming while increasing viewers on local access channels. Moonbridge creates an opportunity for stations to raise revenue by delivering content at an affordable rate, that is not only of quality but will also spark interests across audiences. Moonbridge enables networks to provide programming that in normal circumstances they would not be able to produce because of production costs.


It seems everyone has their favorite reality show. Moonbridge will create a script based reality show around your business. The concept we develop will consist of various scenarios that are full of creativity. Moonbridge can coordinate your next marketing campaign to coincide with the premeir of your show by promoting airtimes on all platforms that currently exists on your marketing budget and campaign. Don’t have a marketing campaign? We will create one at no cost. During the show you will have opportunity to sell commercial spots to increase revenue for your business or promote specific products and services. Product integration is another great tactic we often use to showcase products throughout scenes. Our marketing philosophy is to develop a relationship with potential customers and solidify the bond with existing customers.

At Moonbridge Productions we feel air time is one of the most valuable marketing platforms and should not be wasted. Many times companies advertise on television and are unable to captivate their potential customers because they may not have the resources to deliver quality marketing campaigns. If you fail to catch audiences attention within 30 seconds then they will switch to another channel and you lose them. Moonbridge will produce entertaining scenarios that connects with viewers and achieve quality in production for your project at a reasonable rate.


Weather it be a major recording artist music video, high end commercial, independent film, or even a wedding, Moonbridge has the resources and talent to develop any vision into a reality.  Our talent ranges from freelance to renowned photographers and directors. We can handle distributing, manufacturing, marketing and organize the entire process of film making for your project.


Independent Films are sometimes the best film. The have major artistic value and talent embedded in them. Moonbridge Productions can connect you with independent film producers and actors. We can also help independent film producers coordinate a publicity campaign for your independent film project.


Annie Leibowitz has taken photographs of Demi Moore, Miley Cyrus and The Queen of England just to name a few. Imagine the results that will be created for your wedding or fashion shoot with the hiring of a world renowned photographer such as Annie or even VOGUE photographer Patrick Demarchelier.


Ricardo Hoyos has built a reputation over the past decade as one of leading directors in the world. He has directed campaigns for clients such as Volkswagen, Mercedes and UBER among with many others. Moonbridge would be glad to connect you with Ricardo or a commercial director of his caliber.


It is important that you have a talented director to sell the music. Moonbridge can contract world renowned Directors such as Jayson Rhamlow (Derrick Knight "Mayan Rain Dance")Jake Nava (Beyonce “Crazy In Love"); Francis Lawrence (Britney Spears “I’m A Slave 4 U”); or Jonas & François (Madonna & Justin Timberlake “4 Minutes”). Many of the directors we work with are on the cutting edge and can produce magical videos with 3D and other fascinating technology.


Moonbridge Productions assists brands, corporations, entertainment promoters, and private individuals attain A list celebrities for concerts, speaking engagements and other special events. It is difficult to get behind the velvet rope in Hollywood unless you are well connected. Moonbridge gets our clients behind the velvet rope and onto the red carpet. We will tackle all logistical, marketing, and negotiations with the celebrities’ management team to ensure a flawless and entertaining event.




Concerts are great investments for entrepreneurs looking to break into the entertainment industry. They are also the most lucrative business in the entertainment industry these days; which makes it a prime interest when thinking of fund raising. Moonbridge can also offer our Sponsorship services and recruit sponsors to market their product at your concert. Budgets for concerts can vary from very small to very large. The concerts can be held at arenas, nightclubs, or even outdoors. The talent can be emerging like Metro Station or established such as Rihanna. Talent can be diverse as well, ranging from The Killers to Lady Gaga. Moonbridge takes pleasure in locating proper venues and acquiring talent that fits within your budget to guarantee a return on your investment.