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Nestled an hour and half outside of busy Los Angeles, you will find us, Camp Space, under Mother Nature's grand sky. The sunsets, sunrises and starry nights are dreamlike and seem like they're right out of a Hollywood movie. Resident artists and guests at the Camp Space California City, will have quick and easy access to all that the Mojave desert has to offer. The property has 4G and cell phone service.

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The ranch is surrounded by several acres of natural untouched desert for as far as the eye see. See stunning and breathtaking views in Galileo Park at the top of the mountain. The property is just a walk away from Bill Borax Park where you can take hot showers and use restroom facilities. We are a short 5-10 minute drive from downtown California City which has variety of local restaurants, shops and other destinations.

We are proud to have thoughtful amenities that go beyond your typical residential artist community: such as scented candles for your tee-pees, fresh fragrances for aromatherapy, and hot S'mores by the campfire at sunset. Our designated "Download the Universe" creative spaces encourage guests to pursue creative projects which is ingrained in the Moon Pad culture. 

We celebrate every Full Moon with our "FULL MOON FEVER" events series (see LA Weekly article) and host live music performances, sleep-over camp outs, and the next day you can wake up to a breakfast brunch buffet with complimentary beverages to refresh yourself. Mustang Court Ranch can also be rented out for special events as well, so spread the word to your friends.

In addition to the incredible views residents will enjoy from their tee-pees or green cargo container, you can also entertain on the rooftop deck which features spectacular, unobstructed 360-degree views of the desert landscape. Guests will also be able to enjoy a nature course, outdoor fitness equipment and a communal lounge with satellite Wi-Fi.

The oasis we're developing in the desert is for the purpose of building a bridge to the moon and experimenting with the Universe - hands on. The reason this location's property was chose was because of its close proximity to Aerospace Highway 14, which goes through the town of Mojave. Mojave is where a lot of aerospace technology and space tourism is being developed by entrepreneurial explorers and leaders like Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic, Elon Musk of Space X, and founder of Camp Space California City, Derrick Knight.

Come check out a tour of our tee-pees or air, wind, and watertight cargo containers that have been recyclable and into comfortable cabins.

Your Desire Is Being Attracted Here For A Reason!

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Perfect for Film Site Rentals & Movie Base Camps Productions
Company Retreats
Team building
Los Angeles getaway
360-degree views of pristine California desert
Spiritual Retreat
Bike Riding
Horseback Riding
ATV 4 Wheeling
Live Concerts & Events
Pets: Chickens, Compton the Cat, Pet Reptiles: Turtles, Chameleon, and Fish
4G and Cell Phone Service

9-ft. Recycled Steel Cargo Container
Wind, Water, and Air Tight Cabins
Battery and / or Solar Panels for electrical power
High power satellite WIFI
Incredible Views
Quartz Countertops
Cooking Appliances

Cargo Container Home Design

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