MoonPad Knit Beanie

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A classic comfortable, warm knit beanie for the grinding artist in the studio.

• 60% cotton/40% acrylic


MoonPad was created to promote the important message of communal living on the Moon and intergalactic space travel. The space at MoonPad offers a nurturing environment and a creative atmosphere for open minded artists and mental astronauts.


I began touring our beloved planet as a bit of a gypsy. Along the way, I noticed that shared living spaces lacked in comfort, creativity and the environments failed to inspire me. As I continued to explore, I noticed a need for “a more perfect union” now and had a vision to create MoonPad. Who has not witnessed the immaturity and lack of appreciation for the diversity of our cultures firsthand growing up and violations of human rights. Everyone is to be treated equal on A New Earth. The Native American culture appreciates spiritual wisdom which amplifies their acts of inspirational sharing. On MoonPad, we share their philosophy and aim to return the love and innocence that were changed by the egos of early settlers. The most important things in life are to help each other out and to be creative. What we know for sure is that we all come to this life for a higher purpose. When we love each other, not fear each other, we learn from our past. There is no reason for fighting. We must cease the wars and wave a white flag of surrender for our peace. Universe, Let Us create Heaven on Earth!

On July 1, 2012, I launched the first MoonPad in the City of Angels as a small artist colony. The plan is to launch MoonPad's all around the world in the cities like: San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Berlin, and more. One day it will be exciting to launch the very first MoonPad on the Moon and share it with you! I clearly see us celebrating on the moon, looking back at the Earth as one and enjoying the view of an “even more perfect union.” The MoonPad is about planting your seed, making a miracle happen and attracting positive energy to realize your dreams; so bathe yourself in your imagination - its where all the magic happens! This miraculous concept of the MoonPad is very bold, but with your belief, we can spread our message. We also want you to become conscious and practice green living, by recycling and being aware of how we utilize our energy..

Proceeds from MoonPad will benefit a foundation dedicated to the memory of my Mother Lynn Knight, called the Rainbow Bridge, a nonprofit that will help organize efforts to save animals, create an important library and give Mother Earth a relief. Every night you sleep on MoonPad contributes to Rainbow Bridge and helps us get closer to the Moon secure land on the moon. Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life's coming attractions." This fabulous quote sums up the vision and philosophy of the MoonPad.


ACCOUNTABILITY: We feel responsible for unleashing the unlimited potential for creativity in each guest.
DIVERSITY: We embrace and celebrate the diversity in our community, valuing our cultural richness and multiple perspectives.
INTEGRITY: We treat each member of our whole community with dignity and respect, valuing honest relationships
COMMUNITY: We will be productive, honorable members of our community, advancing the interest of artistic abilities, self-pride and active participation in creating an even more perfect union.


D. Knight MoonPad, Producer